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Edmonton roofing contractor specializing in residential roof replacement & flat roof repair. In addition to replacing your entire roof, we also repair leaking roofs and broken shingles. We offer complete roof packages including new fascia, and soffits.

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Welcome to Rapid Roofing & Repairs

Rapid Roofing & Repairs is a family owned Edmonton roofing company. We specialize in residential and commercial sloped roof replacement & repairs. We also have commercial roofing crews who provide flat roof repair & replacement services. 

The Rapid Roofing commitment is based on integrity, communication and professionalism. We are fully licensed and carry up-to-date WCB, liability insurance. We are certified to work with both GAF and Owen’s Corning architectural-laminate shingles. We are bonded with the Alberta Government, and have an A+ rating with Edmonton Better Business Bureau.

Rapid Roofing & Repairs believes in providing our Edmonton and area roofing clients with an industry leading quality experience from start to finish. Unlike many Edmonton roofing contractors, we don’t load material onto your roof several weeks before commencing a job; our process is much different. We call it the “Rapid Roofing Way”. Usually, within a few days of deciding on the colour of your shingles, we load your roof with the appropriate roofing material, set up our dump trailer, then our team shows up the next day (sometimes even same day) to install the shingles. Weather permitting, a typical Edmonton roof replacement will take one, two, or perhaps three days. 

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Residential roofing

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roof repairs

Residential roofing

Eavestrough Repair & Install

Flat Roofing Repair

Roofing Leak Repairs

Shingle Replacement

Roof Repairs

Our Edmonton roof replacement process

Step 1

Once your shingles are completely removed from the roof, we install galvanized drip edge all around the roof perimeter. This not only protects the deck edge from rot, but also helps water come off your roof into the eavestrough drain system. Many homes in Edmonton don’t have this drip edge installed which results in a water leak behind the eavestrough onto the sidewalk, front doorstep, or even garage driveway. This water leakage can be annoying, especially in the wintertime, when the water can freeze and turn to ice.

Step 2

After the drip edge is installed we install a ‘leak barrier’, often referred to an ice and water shield. This product is installed 44” up from the eaves and up the valleys (22” each side). This extra layer of protection, which is underneath your shingles, help protect your home from any possible leaks caused by ice damming and/or water finding its way behind the shingles.

Step 3

We then install synthetic underlay to the rest of the roof as an extra protection for your home. In essence, your roof should be nearly 100% water tight before the first shingle is installed. This added protection helps prevent any leaks, should water find its way through the shingles down the road.
Synthetic Underlay vs Felt Underlay?
Synthetic underlay is 25 times stronger than felt, lighter in weight, water resistant, and provides superior slip-resistance, *along with added protection for our installers.

Step 4

We are now ready to install your shingles. Many Edmonton roofing companies share the belief that the top two recommended roofing shingles are the GAF Timberline Shingles and Owens Corning Duration Shingles. Both of these high-quality roofing shingles are architectural-laminate composite, and both of these brands of roofing shingles come with a standard 40-year warranty, with the option to upgrade to a non-prorated 50-year warranty. Rapid Roofing & Repairs are certified and a preferred Edmonton roofing contractor for both companies. 

Simultaneously when installing the shingles, we replace all of your vents (plumbing, goose and attic). We will also add ventilation holes when needed, which is the case with most of the roofs we do in Edmonton.

When replacing your roof vents, we often highly recommend a more effective and taller vent called the Duraflo WeatherPro ProTurbo. The Duraflo WeatherPro ProTurbo sits taller on your roof that can sit just above the snow, creates negative air pressure, and literally draws the air out of your attic. The Duraflo WeatherPro ProTurbo price is reasonable and is about the same cost as a Whirlybird vent.

The Whirlybird vent requires a lot of maintenance to prevent any mechanical breakdowns. A whirlybird roof turbine can begin to rattle and can also cause an annoying vibration in the whole home. If left unchecked, this can become squeaky, extremely loud and heard throughout the house. These types of vents need to be installed exactly level and perfectly placed to be able to catch the wind, if they are not installed level they won’t be turning and will become useless. Another thing to be weary of is how much air is being pulled with the Whirlybird vents, you don’t want too much heat loss during the winter, especially with our Canadian winters. 

Step 5

Once the shingles and vents are installed, it’s time to clean and wrap things up, which is Included in our price. As well, unlike many Edmonton roofing companies, we provide:

  • The disposal of all your old shingles, underlayment and vents
  • A magnetic rake service around your home to pick up any nails that might be hiding from sight

Replacing your roof is not something you do every year

When it’s time to replace your roof, you’ll want to make sure you not only pick the correct roofing products and ensure the roof and related components are installed the properly. The experienced and professional roofing contractors at Rapid Roofing & Repairs are here to help. All our staff are certified and are preferred contractors for GAF and Owens Corning. Your replaced roof is backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty, and an industry leading 40+ year manufacturer warranty. If you are looking for a new roof in the Edmonton area, and are looking for Integrity, communication, and professionalism in the process, give Edmonton’s Rapid Roofing & Repairs a call. We are here for you every step of the way.

When you choose to have Rapid Roofing & Repairs install your Edmonton area roof, you will not have to worry about replacing your roof for many years to come.


Rapid Roofing & Repairs – Edmonton’s Most Trusted Roofing Contractor

Rapid Roofing & Repairs offers professional, high-quality roofing expertise for residential & commercial roofing in the Edmonton, St. AlbertSherwood ParkLeducSpruce Grove and surrounding areas. We offer new roof installation, roof leak repair service, and roof replacement. We also service eaves-through, soffits and fascia.

Our Reviews

Scott Byar
Scott Byar
Mindy was very helpful in addressing my question and difficult request. Casey send the inspection report that same day and I was able to work with the information. The report was much more detailed than I expected. I appreciate their help.
Chifuka Chundu
Chifuka Chundu
We had our roof completely replaced by Rapid Roofing and the experience was overall positive. The quote was reasonable and the workmanship is quite good. I'm very happy with the work done!
Bonni McCallson
Bonni McCallson
We were really happy with the service we received on fixing up the area around our chimney. After doing the work on a Friday, Casey called me on the next Monday, saying he realized he forgot to seal a nail or screw and it was bothering him all weekend and he just urgently wanted to come back and make it right. Such honesty! Good quality pictures of the work in the invoice too. Thank you!
Paul Hill
Paul Hill
Trevor is great. Got the whole job done in one day, on budget and as agreed. Communications with the office were also answered promptly. Highly recommended
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson
Excellent job on roof repair. Some shingles went missing during a wind storm that needed replacing. They also fixed up some other deficiencies that I wouldn’t of been aware of if they hadn’t noticed them. Price fell right in the middle of what I was quoted. Note: I wasn’t too concerned about colour match. Casey and crew did an awesome job. Highly recommended.
John Husereau
John Husereau
Rapid Roofing did an excellent job on our eavestrough replacement and their communication was excellent throughout the process.
Meredith V
Meredith V
Fantastic experience with Rapid Roofing and Repairs. They were professional, friendly, efficient, and did a fantastic job.
Marty Vasquez
Marty Vasquez
Overall a great experience beginning with the 'rapid' scheduling for an onsite visit with knowledgeable suggested work to be done; the quick receipt of a quote; the actual workmanship done; and the billing process. I would highly recommend Rapid Roofing/Repairs!