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Roofing repairs can be needed for a number of different reasons. Regular wear and tear from the elements can damage your roof, but regular maintenance can identify any damage or issues in time to repair your roof and prevent any further problems. Sometimes emergencies arise and damage is inevitable. When roof damage occurs, a replacement isn’t always needed. Repairing a roof can extend the life of your roof and help prevent bigger problems in the future. If you think you have a roofing problem, give us a call to find out more on how we can help with all of your roofing repairs.

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Types of Roof Repair Service

Rapid Roofing & Repairs offers a variety of repair services for roofing issues. Not all roofing repairs are the same. Commercial roofing services are different because commercial roofs are generally flat instead of sloped. Rapid Roofing & Repairs has more than 15 years of commercial roofing experience to bring to the table. Our other roof repair services include shingle repair for both commercial and residential roofing services. Residential roofing repairs can include vents, chimney flashing, and blown-off shingles. Damages from extreme weather, normal environmental wear, and faulty installation can all be causes for roofing replacement services.

Why Are Roof Repairs Needed?

There are many reasons for roofing repairs. No roof is indestructible, and accidents, poor install from a previous contractor and the elements can cause damage that require repair to protect your home. Some common causes of damage that lead to roof repairs are:

  • missing or damaged shingles due to inclement weather
  • sagging roof due to deteriorating or poor construction
  • damage to roof structures due to winter ice buildup
  • flashing leaks due to poor install
  • wind damage
  • wear and tear over time

While some of these causes can be identified with regular maintenance and inspections, emergencies sometimes occur. The experts at Rapid Roofing & Repairs are equipped to handle the bulk of most issues with Red Seal Roofers on staff.

Benefits of Roof Repair

While roofing repairs can seem like a large undertaking, getting your roof repaired is a much better alternative to an entire roof replacement. Regular inspections can identify issues such as loose shingles, leaks, and deteriorated flashing. . When you have routine maintenance on your roof, you can catch issues before they become major problems. Timely attention to roofing services can save you money, as well. Many roofs have warranties that will cover the cost of repairs during the lifetime of the roof. Roofing repairs keep your home safe and secure by protecting your home from the top down.

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Roofing & Repairs Inc. is a family owned company specializing in commercial and residential roof repair and replacement. We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of our replacements to provide peace of mind for your investment. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our professionals will work with you every step of the way. We provide commercial roofing inspections and free estimates on your residential roof replacement needs.

If you are in need of roofing inspection or roofing repair services, contact us at Rapid Roofing & Repairs today. We are here to answer your questions and offer professional consultations. Call us or schedule your consultation with one of our roofing experts.

    Scott Byar
    Scott Byar
    Mindy was very helpful in addressing my question and difficult request. Casey send the inspection report that same day and I was able to work with the information. The report was much more detailed than I expected. I appreciate their help.
    Chifuka Chundu
    Chifuka Chundu
    We had our roof completely replaced by Rapid Roofing and the experience was overall positive. The quote was reasonable and the workmanship is quite good. I'm very happy with the work done!
    Bonni McCallson
    Bonni McCallson
    We were really happy with the service we received on fixing up the area around our chimney. After doing the work on a Friday, Casey called me on the next Monday, saying he realized he forgot to seal a nail or screw and it was bothering him all weekend and he just urgently wanted to come back and make it right. Such honesty! Good quality pictures of the work in the invoice too. Thank you!
    Paul Hill
    Paul Hill
    Trevor is great. Got the whole job done in one day, on budget and as agreed. Communications with the office were also answered promptly. Highly recommended
    Trevor Thompson
    Trevor Thompson
    Excellent job on roof repair. Some shingles went missing during a wind storm that needed replacing. They also fixed up some other deficiencies that I wouldn’t of been aware of if they hadn’t noticed them. Price fell right in the middle of what I was quoted. Note: I wasn’t too concerned about colour match. Casey and crew did an awesome job. Highly recommended.
    John Husereau
    John Husereau
    Rapid Roofing did an excellent job on our eavestrough replacement and their communication was excellent throughout the process.
    Meredith V
    Meredith V
    Fantastic experience with Rapid Roofing and Repairs. They were professional, friendly, efficient, and did a fantastic job.
    Marty Vasquez
    Marty Vasquez
    Overall a great experience beginning with the 'rapid' scheduling for an onsite visit with knowledgeable suggested work to be done; the quick receipt of a quote; the actual workmanship done; and the billing process. I would highly recommend Rapid Roofing/Repairs!

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