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Rapid Roofing & Repairs is an Edmonton family owned business committed to providing quality residential roof replacement & repair in Edmonton. We service the Edmonton and surrounding areas including but not limited to Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove & Fort Saskatchewan. Standard roof replacement can be done in usually 2 days, that is the Rapid Roofing advantage.

We provide free estimates for all types of sloped or flat roofs on residential homes. We do specialize in providing high-quality architectural shingles to our clients. The two recommended brands are GAF and Owens Corning, both highly reputable companies that have been around since 1886 for GAF and since 1935 for Owens Corning.

You are in good hands with Rapid Roofing & Repairs as we come with over 15 years of professional experience and value quality, professionalism, integrity and honesty. We bring this experience forward on every roof and insist our team do the same. We are also GAF Certified and a Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, which means you have a choice to take advantage of their industry-leading 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. Add to that Rapid Roofing & Repairs 10-year workmanship (labour) warranty, you will definitely have a piece of mind once the job is complete.


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Why is it recommended to change your gutters when reshingling your roof?

Often times, we see homes with the small nailed in gutters (vs screws), that are also not wide enough to handle the removal of water from your roof. We also see gutters that have lost the proper sloping due to foundation changes and are no longer sloping to the downspouts, which will cause pooling in the gutter and cause issues especially in the winter where possible ice damming may occur. The new gutters we provide are the 5” continuous gutters that are screwed into your fascia, which is the better way to go as they are less likely to get pulled away from the fascia and away from the shingles on your roof. Continuous is all better as you get fewer seams and less likelihood of leaking.

As mentioned above, all of our sloped reroofs come with a 40 to 50-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year workmanship (labour) warranty backed by Rapid Roofing & Repairs. Why do we offer a 10-year warranty on our labour? We feel confident the work will be done right and we do inspect the work to make sure its done right or we come back and fix it. It is rare we have to come back as we make sure it’s done right the first time.

Our name “Rapid Roofing” was created to have us focus on every job from start to finish until complete. Unlike other stories you may have heard where installers start a job and leave and come back and have the job drag on… We at Rapid Roofing will start and complete your job before starting another.

How long will it take to replace the shingles on my roof?

Our regular time to complete a roof is normally 1-2 days unless your home is intricate or larger than most. Weather can play a factor in extending it 2-3 days as we are careful not to get caught with your roof open when there is a chance of rain.  The speed of the roof replacement is one of the advantages of Rapid Roofing & Repairs.

The other Rapid thing we do is we only bring the material on your roof when we are ready to start your job. Many other companies deliver material to the roof several weeks before starting. Not here at Rapid Roofing! We usually bring the material 1-2 days before starting the roof and sometimes the same day we start.

Same goes with our trailers. Some companies use bins and that can be annoying at times where the bin is delivered to your driveway usually 24-48 hours before and picked up from a few days later to sometimes weeks. I’m sure you would not like the bin hanging around that long. We bring our trailer the day before or the same day we start. Once complete, we pick up the trailer at the end of the day or at the latest the next day. In and out the Rapid Roofing way… 
The only exception where we would opt to use a bin is when we do a cedar conversion. Cedar conversion means when you remove a cedar roof and replace it with architectural shingles. Typically, the cedar is very old and when you remove it, it crumbles in small pieces, which requires a big container to hall it away, therefore we typically use a 40-yd. bin in those situations.

Probably the number one question we get is “… is it better to go with a lighter coloured shingle vs. a black or darker shingle?”

The answer is a surprising no if you live in the Edmonton area. In Edmonton, and all around Alberta, there is no advantage to light shingles or dark shingles.  If you lived in AZ or Texas than the answer would be yes as they weather is quite a bit warmer or should I say hotter than ours. We only get a handful of hot days here in Edmonton and surrounding so the difference is negligible.  You are free to choose any color shingle that you want for your roof.

Do I have enough vents in my roof? Should I add vents?

Most homes (90-95%) are under ventilated. It seems we are adding vents to most every home we do. We will take care of this for you and it is included in the price of replacing your roof.

How much will it cost me to replace my roof?

A typical roofing job will cost anywhere from $8,000 – $12,000. Is your roof a smaller roof? Maybe $5-$7K. Bigger more intricate homes can run up to $15 – $20K.

MORE INFORMATION: see our roof costs page

To conclude, Rapid Roofing & Repairs, a family owned business that works hard to ensure you are happy with the process of changing your roof. We sit down with you to explain what will happen from start to finish answering any questions you may have. We show you what will be installed starting with the removal of the shingles and explain/show you what product will be installed on your roof. Being certified and preferred contractors of two of the top shingle manufacturers in the world, help you know we have your best interest at heart.

MORE INFORMATION: see our shingles & shingles warranty page

MORE INFORMATION: see our guide to hiring a roofing company

Scott Byar
Scott Byar
Mindy was very helpful in addressing my question and difficult request. Casey send the inspection report that same day and I was able to work with the information. The report was much more detailed than I expected. I appreciate their help.
Chifuka Chundu
Chifuka Chundu
We had our roof completely replaced by Rapid Roofing and the experience was overall positive. The quote was reasonable and the workmanship is quite good. I'm very happy with the work done!
Bonni McCallson
Bonni McCallson
We were really happy with the service we received on fixing up the area around our chimney. After doing the work on a Friday, Casey called me on the next Monday, saying he realized he forgot to seal a nail or screw and it was bothering him all weekend and he just urgently wanted to come back and make it right. Such honesty! Good quality pictures of the work in the invoice too. Thank you!
Paul Hill
Paul Hill
Trevor is great. Got the whole job done in one day, on budget and as agreed. Communications with the office were also answered promptly. Highly recommended
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson
Excellent job on roof repair. Some shingles went missing during a wind storm that needed replacing. They also fixed up some other deficiencies that I wouldn’t of been aware of if they hadn’t noticed them. Price fell right in the middle of what I was quoted. Note: I wasn’t too concerned about colour match. Casey and crew did an awesome job. Highly recommended.
John Husereau
John Husereau
Rapid Roofing did an excellent job on our eavestrough replacement and their communication was excellent throughout the process.
Meredith V
Meredith V
Fantastic experience with Rapid Roofing and Repairs. They were professional, friendly, efficient, and did a fantastic job.
Marty Vasquez
Marty Vasquez
Overall a great experience beginning with the 'rapid' scheduling for an onsite visit with knowledgeable suggested work to be done; the quick receipt of a quote; the actual workmanship done; and the billing process. I would highly recommend Rapid Roofing/Repairs!

Quality workmanship done right the first time